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How It Works

Create your basic profile
Show members your lovely face and tell them about your interests. Remember, this is all about eventual in-person interaction, so let them know what you're all about!

List goods and services you can offer
For each item you list, you will be prompted to include a description and, in some cases, your relevant experience and credentials. No experience level is too little to offer a service, we just ask that you be specific about your level of experience so you can be matched appropriately with other members.

For help thinking of what to offer, visit our Profile Suggestions page.

Browse members and offers in your city
Find something specific you're looking for by category, or just browse local members to find interesting offers.

Propose an exchange
Propose a specific exchange with a member based on what you each have to offer, or invite them to browse your Offers section.

Meet friends and learn something new
Agree on an exchange that works for both of you, and have fun!

See our Tips for Offering Items and Safety Measures for information about how to ensure a positive experience on both sides.