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Safety Measures

We at ExchangeTree seek to provide the safest and most satisfactory atmosphere possible through the implementation of the following:

Profiles and References
Members fill out personal profiles, including in-depth information about offered items and relevant credibility and experience. Profiles display detailed references from members who have already interacted with each other.

ID Confirmation
Members who choose the ID Confirmation option provide an official ID and verify their real names. Learn More.

Exchange Messages
Prior to meeting a member in person or giving out any personal information, learn more about a member and choose the terms of your exchange through our messaging system.

Safety Tips

We encourage you to take extra measures to protect yourself and your offerings. Here are some tips.

Carefully Review Profiles and References
When deciding whether to interact with ExchangeTree members, review all the information available. Assess both their personal profile, and their references from other people. Read the details of each offering carefully to assure a good exchange fit.

Contact through ExchangeTree
Use the Exchange Proposal messaging system within our website to communicate. Do not give out your personal contact information unles you feel safe and comfortable doing so.

Minimize Risk
ExchangeTree seeks to provide a platform for quality exchange experiences. However, we cannot predict or guarantee the quality of an exchange experience. To minimize risk, it is best to refrain from offering very costly goods or services.

Communicate Clearly and Ask Questions
Before exchanging with another member, communicate clearly and thoroughly. Don't hesitate to ask questions about offered items, credibility, references, safety, and each other. Get all the information available before making an exchange, and set expectations ahead of time, especially if exchanging something of value.

Use Your Best Judgment
With all available information, use your best judgment to decide if a proposed exchange is right for you. You never have to say yes to an exchange proposal.

Make a Plan
Be specific about when, where, and how each party will carry out their part of the exchange. If one member carries out their part before the other, make sure there is a plan in place to insure the completion of the other half of the exchange. Respect the commitments you've made: always follow through on your end of an exchange.

Meet in a Neutral Location
When possible, arrange primary meetings in public places such as libraries and coffee shops. Get to know the other party better before inviting them into your home, going to their home, or meeting in a private place.

Write References
To help other exchangers make good decisions, write honest and clear references for the people with whom you interact.

Report Abuse or a Negative Experience to ExchangeTree
ExchangeTree seeks to provide a safe and trustworthy community with satisfactory exchanges. We value input from our members and we aim to consistently improve the ExchangeTree experience. Confidentially report negative experiences or safety concerns here.